BEAUTY SHOTS One of our specialties. It can be shot in highspeed, tabletop, and enhanced in post with additional elements that were too complicated to be shot, or simply because they look better, more effective when made in post. Or it can be completely CG, to become yummy, classy, refined, or premium looking.


FULL PRODUCTION Sometimes, for the projects with a heavy post, we offer to our clients full production -shooting in Serbia and VFX under one roof. Unlike regular production houses we have a great opportunity of balancing between shooting and post solutions, creativity or budget wise. We are always keen to finest quality production within a…


SHOOT IMPOSSIBLE Often it is about an environment that is not built yet, unavailable, far away, too expensive, or simply pure imagination. We offer fully realistic CGI, set extensions, or completely computer-generated shots. We are all facing great technological advances, but still, it’s about hard work, paying lots of attention to details. Best results are…